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Jinan Jusheng Musical Instrument Co Ltd is a company with a long history It was established in 1994 and we have 24 years handmade experience From Qing Dynasty we began to run ancestral copper musical workshops which named JuHeCheng With the development of technology we combined centuries craftsmanship heritage with Turkey handmade cymbals skills created the high quality domestic brand Kingdo the high quality cymbals We have three main products One is cymbal mainly includes ARTIST pearl B8 CHIME GLITTER GME HERO 1750 CRAFTSMAN CHINESE CYMBALS SPECIAL EFFECT CYMBALS One is copper gongs from 50cm to 100cm The last one is drumset Our cymbals copper gongs and all kinds of drums have been...

Categories and Products

Handmade Cymbals

Splash Cymbals

Handcraft Cymbals Splash Cymbals For Drums B20 Handmade Instrument Splash Cymbals Drum Kit Cymbals 8'' Splash Cymbals 8'' Splash Cymbals Effect Cymbals B20 Professional Splash Cymbals For Drum Set B20 Percussion Instruments Splash Cymbals B20 Chinese Hand Hammered Splash Cymbals B20 Splash Cymbals Percussion Instruments Professional Handmade 10'' Splash Cymbals Hot Sale Handmade 12'' Splash Cymbals 

Hi-Hat Cymbals

Musical Instrument Hi-hat Cymbals Handmade Instrument Hi-hat Cymbals Quiet Cymbals Hi-hat Cymbals B20 Hi-Hat Cymbals For Drums High Quality Professional 14" HI-HAT Cymbals Hot Sale B20 Hi-hat Cymbals 100% Handmade 14'' Hi-hat Cymbal Handmade B20 Hi-hat Cymbals For Drum Set B20 14'' Hi-hat Cymbals 

Crash Cymbals

14'' Crash Cymbals For Jazz Drums Hot Sale B20 Cymbals 18" Crash Cymbals Chinese Crash 18'' Cymbals Drum Crash Cymbals 16'' 16'' B20 Crash Cymbals Symphony Handmade Cymbals Crash Top Grade Music Percussion Drum Cymbals Set Percussion Instrument Drum Crash Cymbals 16'' 16'' Crash Cymbals For Drum B20 Professional Drum Cymbals 16" Crash Cymbals Low Volume Cymbals 16" Crash Quiet Cymbals High Quality B20 O-ZONE Crash Cymbals For Sale Low Volume Quiet Cymbals 16'' Crash Cymbals Percussion Cymbals 16'' Crash B20 16'' Crash Percussion Cymbals 

Ride Cymbals

Hot Sale B20 Bronze Cymbals 24'' Ride B20 Drum Cymbals 20'' Ride Cymbal B20 Ride Cymbals for Drum Handmade Percussion Cymbals 20'' Ride Low Price Alloy Cymbals 20'' Ride Cymbal Professional Drum Cymbals Practice Ride Cymbals Practice Quiet Cymbals 20'' Ride Low Price Alloy Practice Cymbals 20'' Ride Traditional 24'' Ride Cymbals B20 24'' Ride Cymbal Wholesale 20'' Ride Alloy Cymbals 

Drum Set Cymbals

B20 Cymbals

B20 Bronze Handmade Cymbals Jazz Drum Set Cymbals Percussion Intruments Handmade Drum Cymbals Top Grade B20 Bronze Cymbals Wholesale Effect Cymbals Double Overlapping Cymbals Traditional 100% Handmade B20 Cymbals Best Quality Polishing Drums Cymbals Best Price Percussion Traditional Cymbals High Quality Set Cymbals Percussion Instruments Traditional Percussion Music B20 Cymbals B20 Drum Cymbals For Percussion B20 Drum Set Cymbals Our Latest Model B20 Cymbals For Drum Set B20 Cymbals Percussion Instrument Polish Drum Kit Cymbals 100% Handmade Traditional Chinese Bronze Cymbals B20 Cymbals Set For Sale Professional Drum Kit Cymbals Traditional Original B20 Cymbals Manual B20 China Cymbal 

B8 Cymbals

Handcraft B8 Cymbals For Professional B8 Bronze Drum Cymbals Wholesale B8 Drum Kit Cymbals B8 Symphony Handmade Percussion Cymbals B8 Drum Set Medium Cymbals Best Quality B8 Drum Cymbals Hot Selling Percussion Instruments B8 Cymbals Top Grade B8 Drum Set Cymbals 

Brass Cymbals

High Quality Brass Percussion Cymbals Good Quality Brass Set Cymbals Prcussion Cmbals H68 Brass Alloy Drums Cymbals Hot Selling Good Quality Brass Finger Cymbals Chinese Instruments Finger Cymbals For Sale Traditional Brass Cymbals For Drums Hot Sale Toy Finger Cymbals Brass Polishing Drum Cymbals Set Best Quality Chinese Brass Gongs For Sale Brass Handmade Percussion Cymbals Finger Cymbals For Dance GEM Series Brass Percussion Cymbals Handmade Brass Finger Cymbals Brass Cymbals For Drums 

Effect Cymbals

Bell Cymbals

Handmade Bell Cymbals For Drum Effect Cymbals 6.5'' Bell For Drums 6.5`` Bell Cymbals Of Bronze Drum Bell Cymbals For Sale Drum Kit Bell Cymbals Hand Made Percussion Instrument Bell Cymbals 6.5'' Bell Effect Cymbals Wholesale Chinese Percussion Bell Cymbals 6.5'' Traditional Bell Cymbals Effect Cymbals 6.5'' Polish Bell Cymbals Effect Cymbals Percussion Instrument Effect Cymbals Good Quality Traditional Bell Cymbals 

O-ZONE Cymbals

Effect Cymbals O-ZONE Crash Cymbals O-ZONE Crash Cymbals Effect Cymbals 16'' B20 O-ZONE Crash Cymbals For Drums Special Effect Crash Cymbals Good Performance Effect Cymbals O-ZONE Crash Cymbals O-ZONE Cymbals Effect Cymbals 18'' High Quality B20 O-Zone Effect Cymbals For Sale 100% Handmade Hole Cymbals B20 Drum Cymbals With Holes B20 Handmade O-ZONE Cymbals Special Designed B20 Effect Cymbals 

China Cymbals

Top Grade China Cymbals Of B20 Good Quality Traditional China Cymbals For Sale Percussion Instruments China Cymbal For Sale Handmade China Cymbals Bronze China Cymbals For Sale Percussion Instruments China Cymbals B20 Special Effect Crash Cymbals Special Effect Cymbals For Drumset B20 16" China Cymbals Effect Cymbals 16'' Handmade B20 Effect Cymbals Traditional Percussion Music Cymbals B20 18'' China Cymbals Hot Sale Handmade 18'' China Cymbals B20 Handmade China Cymbals Hot Sale B20 Effect Cymbals For Drums Special Designed Drum Set Cymbals New Designed B20 Handmade Effect Cymbals 

Quiet Cymbals

Low Volume Quiet Cymbals 14'' Hi-hat Cymbals Hot Sale Silence Cymbals For Drumset Alloy Silence Cymbals For Practice Red Silence Cymbals 20'' Ride Hot Sale Quiet Cymbals Set Cymbals Alloy Practice Quiet Cymbals Hot Sale Drum Cymbals Quiet Set Cymbals Low Voice Practice Drum Kit Cymbals Red Low Volume Alloy Silence Cymbals Set 16'' crash Quiet Cymbals For Drum Set Best Quality Quiet Cymbals For Drum Kit Hot Sale Quiet Cymbals For Drum Kit Instrument Drum Quiet Cymbals Percussion Instrument Quiet Cymbals Quiet Cymbals 20'' Ride Cymbals Low Volume Cymbals For Drums Popular Silent Cymbal Set Professional Percussion Instrument Quiet Cymbal Professional Mute Cymbals Best Low Sound Cymbals 

Marching Cymbals

Handmade Professional Marching Cymbals 

Practice Cymbals

Low Price Practice Cymbals The Cheapest Price Drum Cymbals Drum Set Practice Cymbals Set Yellow Low Sound Cymbals Low Price Alloy Cymbals For Drumset Cheap Alloy Cymbals For Practice Hot Sale High Quality Drum Practice Cymbal Drum Practice Cymbals For Sale Cheap Alloy Practice Cymbals Cheapest Practice Cymbals Good Quality Alloy Drum Set Cymbals 

Acoustic Drum Set

PVC Drums

PVC 5 Pieces Drum Kit Hot Sale 7 Pieces Drum Kit PVC 7 Pieces Drum Set 5 Pieces PVC Drum Kit PVC Acoustic Drum Set Wholesale PVC Drum Kit 

Jazz Drums

5 Pieces Drum Kit Of Acrylic Acrylic 5 Pieces Jazz Drum Set 5 Pieces Drum Kit Hot sale 5- Piece Drum Kit Acrylic 5-pieces Drum Kit Double Bass Drum Set Lacquer Acoustic Drum Set Birch Drum Kit For Practice Red Acrylic Drum Set Maple Jazz Drum Set Percussion Instrument Drum Set 3-Piece Birch Drum Set Mini Jazz Drum Kit 3 Pieces PVC Drum Set Vertical 3 Pieces Drum Set 6 Pieces Electronic Drum Jazz Drum 6 Pieces Electronic Drum Jazz Drum Set Electronic Drum 5 Pieces Jazz Drum 

Drum Set For Kids

5 Piece Kids Drum Set Minisize 5 Pieces Drum Kit Small Acoustic Drum Set MINI Series Drum Set 

Metal Gongs

Brass Gongs

Chinese Brass Percussion Instruments Gongs Percussion Instruments Handmade Brass Gongs Percussion Instruments Traditional Metal Gongs Wholesale Instrument Chinese Brass Gongs 10cm Brass Percussion Gongs Musical Percussion Instrument Brass Gongs 

Bronze Gongs

Chinese Traditional Percussion Gongs 100% Handmade Copper Gongs Percussion Instrument Handmade Gongs Good Quality Traditional Percussion Gongs 15cm 32CM Chinese Traditional Gongs 

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