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  • Snakes by Marcus Miller performed live by The Sugar Spoons


    The Sugar Spoons perform “Snakes” (composed by Marcus Miller for David Sanborn) live in their debut performance at Jazz at Jacks in Denver, Colorado, November 18 2012. James Barry- Alto Sax Elijah Samuels- Tenor Sax Aaron Summerfield- Guitar Jon Parker- Synthesizer Kim Bird- Bass Toby Reutter-Harrah- Drums//

  • metal stretching mold


    Tangsheng skills supply customers metal mold and metal parts, mainly material is aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper/brass,  Share: 8 sets of 800T~40T hydraulic presses, 7 sets of 6.3T~100T punching machines, hydraulic presses can stretch parts with 500mm height, all mold will get high hardness and longlife after heat treat,mold life usually hundred thousand pieces, part thickness could be 3mm to 90mm, mass production, welcome too. Mold are mainly: Mold for cookware, Metal stamping mold, forming punching mold,Mold for metal BBQ, hot pot mold, aluminum pot mold, customized aluminum pot mold, aluminum soup pot mold, Mould factory open mold, stamping die stretching mold, deep drawing stamping Buddhist temple tray, Electric baking pan mold, Auto parts stamping mold, hardware metal stretching mold, Stainless steel chair mold,  relax chair and table, Bar stools, bund chairs, outdoor chairs mold, Water pump stamping mold, forming die Metal stamping and drawing die manufacturing, china stretching mold, Stainless steel cake mold, Metal stamping mold processing and manufacturing, Stainless steel bread machine liner, liner stretching mold Hardware cold stamping drawing mold, Manufacturers supply metal stamping and drawing mold, Stainless steel knife and fork canister  stretching mold, ALUMINUM NESTING CANISTER SET FLOUR SUGAR COFFEE TEA GREASE SHAKERS mold,vintage mirro copper colored aluminum conister mold,  frying pan baking pan stamping die mold, snow shovels bucket stamping mold manufacture, mold of stainless steel trash can, stainless steel hot pot stamping mold,  Hydraulic press mold,Stainless steel soup pot mold,  aluminum pan mold, Stainless steel large funnel stretching mold, lamp chimney mold manufacturer, metal cake mold,  aluminum cake mold stretching mold, Customized mechanical back cover stretching mold, lamp chimney stretching mold, Professional manufacturing auto parts stretching mold, Stainless steel drum stamping mold, deep drawing stretching mold, 304 stainless steel hot pot mold, Single Sink mold Wash basin mold,  Three-layer steel soup pot, Fast food box lunch box lunch box mould, Mold for Air fryer, Aluminum frying pan mould, Mold for mop buckets, Mold for Stainless steel wok,mold of soup pot, mold of iron pot, stainless steel pot, china metal cookware mold, mold of flagon wine pot for russia Metal cake, baking mold, Rice cooker mold, Water heater mould, Mold for iron steel chair, Mold for copper teapot, Mold for Copper hot pot, Precision mold for Stainless steel coffee pot, mold for water kettle, mold for copper kettle, kettle mold, customized metal part mold, coffee pot, stretching mold, Stainless steel electric kettle, deep drawing mold, Stainless steel cup stretching stamping mold, Customized mold for copper hot pot, stretching mold for pot, Metal stamping, Mold for pots and pans in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, Mold for copper pot stainless cookware casserole, Mold for Big soup spoon, Mold for stainless steel wok, Mold of water sink for pig or poultry, Mold for vegetable tray in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Mold for Oil sump, Mold for non-stick pan, aluminum pot, wok mold, stretching mold, Mold for stainless steel pot, aluminum pot mold, Stretching mold for 304 stainless steel part, china metal cookware mold center, etc. application: Daily necessities, automobiles, home appliances, tableware, medical, cookware, crafts, machine accessary,etc. Mold material: Tungsten steel,Cr12, Cr12MoV, D2, A3, 45#, etc. Mold life: usually: 300,000 pieces and more. Material of part could be: steel, stainless steel(201,202,304,316etc), carbon steel,aluminum, copper, etc. Material thickness: usually 2mm-9mm. structure: according customer’s drawing or needs, like in PDF, CAD, Solid work, Proe drawing or samples.

  • METALLICA - Frantic - Drum Cover (GARBAGE CAN LID AS SNARE!!)


    We all know that Metallica - St Anger album had the absolute worst sounding snare drum of all time. I've managed to replicate Lars Ulrichs' snare sound closely with the lid of a metal garbage can. Only in this drum cover of Frantic right here. #metallica #stanger #frantic ✅Subscribe: Camerons gear: Drums: Mapex Black Panther - Black Widow Cymbals: Meinl 15" Pure Alloy Hi Hats ► Meinl 10" Classic Customs Dark Splash ► Meinl 17" Classic Extreme Metal Crash ► Meinl 18" Classic Extreme Metal Crash ► Meinl 20" Pure Alloy Medium Ride ► Meinl 16"/18" Classic Extreme Metal Stack ► Pedals: Axis AL2 ► Drumsticks: Los Cabos 5b Red Hickory Intense ► Interface: Focusrite 18i20 2nd Gen ► Drum Skins: Evans G2 Clear ► Evans UV1 ► Evans EMAD2 ► Microphones: AKGD112 MK II ► CAD PRO-7 Drum Microphones: ► Shure SM57: ► Camera: Canon G7X Mark ii ► About Me: Cameron Fleury is an accomplished drummer with solid experience in the Canadian metal scene. Cameron has put his musical talent to work filling in as a drummer on international tours and professional studio recording sessions. Follow Me: ►Facebook: ►Instagram:

  • Shredding stuff metal cans tins pop can shredder machine


    TCM SHREDDER: http:// a professional manufacturer, specialize in recycling shredder machine for more than 15years, Our produc ts are applicable for pet bottles, LDPE,HDPE, plastic lumps, ABS plastic, plastic films, mattress spring, etc. plays a big role in recycling industry, welcomed by domestic and national customers.Main products:1.singal shaft shredder 2.double shaft shredder 3.plastic crusher 4.plastic pipe shredder 5.four shaft shredder 6.plastic miller 7.plastic pulverzerhttp://: 0086 -21-61522014 Fax: 0086-21-61522018 Email: Metal Shredder Metal Shredding Machine Brazil, 2 shaft shredding drums, WEIMA shreds metal Metal swarf is valuable and heavy, and often voluminous, Three reasons to separate them into their components. Transportation becomes more, shredder plastic ldpe, Metal Cans Shredding Machine, Metal Cans Botswana, nonwoven shredder, Metal Cans Shredding Machine, Wholesale Various High Quality Metal Cans Shredding Machine Products from Global Metal Cans Shredding Machine Suppliers and Metal Cans, wooden pallet shredder, Metal Shredder Manufacturer for Recycling, Canada, vecoplan hdpe pipe shredder, Metal Processing Solutions. Metal processing is a great application for slow speed shredding technologies. SSI has many customers processing metals all around the, plastic film shredder india, How to grind or shred aluminum cans Spain, paper core shredding, Greetings, I’m am looking for methods to grind or shred up aluminum cans enough to be put in a ball mill rock tumbler with steel balls in it to make aluminum powder., engin and transmission shredding, Metal Shredding, Komar Industries Micronesia, paper core shredder, Komar is an expert in metal shredding as a global innovator in engineered waste processing. Metal shredding has never been easier with Komar., ldpe film shredder, Shredding Dtv Tire Aluminium Cans Use Guynea, shredding cardboard boxes, Shredding Dtv Tire Aluminium Cans Use Metal Shredder Machine, Find Complete Details about Shredding Dtv Tire Aluminium Cans Use Metal Shredder Machine, Metal, ldpe pipe shredder, Metal Cans Shredding Machine Supply, Honduras, wax shredding machine, Metal Cans Shredding Machine Supply, Wholesale Various High Quality Metal Cans Shredding Machine Supply Products from Global Metal Cans Shredding Machine Supply, tcm shredder simple design, Shredding Some Stuff and Trash, Doovi Indonesia, plastic roll film shredder machine, Shredding Some Stuff and Trash Shredding Metal Cars Toy. Shredding Hand Halloween Zombie 2. SSI’s Shred of the Month: Car The ‘Hippie’ Bug Shredding P ., drum shredder, Shredding Aluminum Cans General DIY Jordan, lumps shredder plastic recycling, To Shred or Recycle No Need to Choose. Topics: Secure Shredding. When your company partners with a secure shredding service that offers a certified recycling, trash shredder with metal separator, To Shred or Recycle No Need to Choose Lesotho, paper shredder abs, Aluminum Hammermill Shredder. From beverage cans to transmission housings, to cast, clips, or extrusions, American Pulverizer’s Aluminum Shredders reduce scrap to a, tcm shredder plastic shredder, Aluminum Hammermill Shredder Mills Moldova Wasteinitiatives Waste Management Equipment, Timber Shredder Machinery. Benefits for Shredding Plastic and how its cardboard shredders and shredding sustainability with the metal cans Malawi What We Buy. FERROUS METALS. concrete, asphalt, glass, rubber or other non metal materials, appliances and other light iron products destined for shredding Shredding Aluminum Cans General DIY Norway Frequently Asked Questions. and metal bindings are acceptable for shredding. What cant be shredded What if my stuff is in garbage bags Schnitzer Steel What We Buy New Zealand SSI Shredding Systems offers an online video gallery of actual shredding From the ordinary but tough, to the surprising Frequently Asked Questions Document Oman Cans Foil or Scrap Metal, Emmet County Department of Check out this video Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies made when they sponsored shredding for Earth Watch It Shred, SSI Shredding Video Russia Secure paper shredding services, document destruction services hard drive destruction services. Keep your information secure. Request a quote today Emmet County Recycling Tunisia JDM Aust proudly supplies and recommends SSI Shredding Systems For a Wide Range of Scrap Metal Applications that includes Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Cans Shred it Official Site Tanzania Cans shredding machine, metal scarp shredder, US $ 100 9, 000 Set, New, Henan, China Mainland, from Zhengzhou Huahong Machinery Equipment

  • LODESTAR L803618 Portable Medium Electrician Hardware Tool Case


    LINK PRODUCT DETAILS: https://?lkid=11206131 LODESTAR L803618 Portable Medium Electrician Hardware Tool Case—————————- MORE DETAILS BELOW —————————-LODESTAR L803618 Water Resistant Portable Medium Electrician Tool BagMain Features-● Inner reinforcement, difficult to variant when using it● High quality waterproof and wear-resistant material● Surface material of special treatment, feel comfortable Specification General Brand- LODESTAR Model- L803615 Type- Tool Bag Material- Canvas Special function- Storage Optional Color- Green Size and Weight Product weight- 0.339 kg Package weight- 0.356 kg Product size -L x W x H– 32.000 x 19.700 x 4.500 cm – 12.598 x 7.756 x 1.772 inches Package size -L x W x H– 33.000 x 20.700 x 5.500 cm – 12.992 x 8.150 x 2.165 inches Packing List Package Contents- 1 x LODESTAR L803615 Water Resistant Portable Medium Electrician Tool Bag Product Safety Disclaimer- We do not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this or any other product. All our products are extensively tested to comply with rigorous and strict QC standards. For certain products -e.g. toys, knives, etc.-, we recommend proper supervision as we cannot be held liable for misuse or accidents. Guess you like You Might Also Consider 0-OFF Weitus 12 Grid Components Storage Box Case -5.28 0-OFF Weitus 12 Grid Electronic Parts Storage Box Case -5.51 0-OFF Robust Deer RTG – 102 Multifunction Electrician To… -10.23 0-OFF No.681 Double-deck Components Storage Box Case -4.31 0-OFF Weitus NO.1205 15 Grid Components Storage Box Case -4.48 0-OFF EKB – 319 Portable Storage Case Tackle Box -1.85 0-OFF Weitus NO.1201 24 Grid Components Storage Box Case -8.70 0-OFF Small PP Component Box with five Small Drum Boxes -10.02 0-OFF Robust Deer RTG – 87 Portable Electrician Tool Bag -11.98 0-OFF 1207 Plastic Box -2.99 0-OFF Robust Deer RTG – 100 Multi-purpose Maintenance To… -17.66 0-OFF JAKEMY JM – P14 Professional Welding Soldering Too… -44.24 0-OFF 21PCS Auto Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set -50.70 0-OFF Weitus NO.1207 5 Grid Components Storage Box Case -2.51 0-OFF 21 Grids Transparent Tool Box -5.31The LODESTAR L803618 Portable Medium Electrician Hardware Tool Case fully converges to the elements of high quality standards

  • GST is very simple this kid will make you understand in 10 Sec


    That little boy say What is GST and what is the importance of GST in Indiahttp://amzn.to/2goHTCgPigeon New Handy Chopper with 3 Blades, Green – http://amzn.to/2grcNK5Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces, Clear – http://amzn.to/2gr9YZz JVL OLF350 Kitchen Stainless Steel Oil Stoppers Pourers Dispenser – 350 ml – http://amzn.to/2graCpX Handmade Wooden Serving and Cooking Spoon Kitchen Tools Utensil, Set of 5 – http://amzn.to/2wrrC8y Ganesh Potato Vegetable Pav Bhaji Masher ( color may vary) – http://amzn.to/2iOyQPc BUTTERFLY FOLDABLE CLOTH DRYING RACK STAND PURE STAINLESS STEEL AT WHOLESALE PRICE MADE IN INDIA – http://amzn.to/2gr4C0t Big Size Rice Pulses Fruits Vegetable Noodles Pasta Washing Bowl & Strainer,(Blue) – http://amzn.to/2xEGGhN Slings Cereal Dispenser Easy Flow Storage Jar 750ml 3 Pcs Set, Idle For Kitchen- Storage Box Lid Food Rice Pasta Container – http://amzn.to/2gqZwRJ Pigeon Kitchen Knives Set, 3-Pieces, Multicolor – http://amzn.to/2gqO3BV The Cotton Chef Cleaning Cloth Multipurpose Kitchen Napkin Table Wipe – http://amzn.to/2gr4NJb 7-Piece Pcs Best Kitchen Knife Set With Wooden Block Stand Chef’S Carver Boning Utility Pairing Knives And Scissors – http://amzn.to/2wrrHcz Slings Cereal Dispenser Easy Flow Storage Jar 750ml 6 Pcs Set, Idle For Kitchen- Storage Box Lid Food Rice Pasta Container – http://amzn.to/2eN91L4 Floraware 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack Masala Box, Dark Brown,Plastic – http://amzn.to/2iOAlwO MOSAIC_MASALA BOX REGULAR 11 – http://amzn.to/2gqOOupAshton EDP450 Electronic Drum Pad, Black – http://amzn.to/2eNQoGR Roland SPD-30 Version 2 Octapad – http://amzn.to/2grgrDL Roland SPD20X Octapad Electric Drumkit, Black – http://amzn.to/2iPz74H Roland SPD-30 Version 2 Octopad Digital Percussion Pad, Black – http://amzn.to/2wqNeSy Samsung AH59-02570A Microphone – http://amzn.to/2iRAYWK JP London CNV0067 Gallery Wrap Heavyweight Vintage Retro Radio Mic Microphone Canvas Art Wall Decor, 2′ High x 1.5′ Wide x 2″ Thick – http://amzn.to/2iNGhq1 JP London FCNV0091 50S Retro Vintage Singing Pinup Microphone Framed Art Wall Decor, 26.37″ x 20.37″ x 1.25″ – http://amzn.to/2eNl4b5 Deco 79 Aluminum Microphone 9 by 9-Inch – http://amzn.to/2gqT6lP Antique Metal Phone with Receiver and Microphone (Non Functioning) – http://amzn.to/2xErp0F CITRA DJ Lights 36 LEDs DMX 512 RGB Color Mixing Wash Can Par Light for Disco Diwali Christmas Wedding Party Show… – http://amzn.to/2wrB0cE Disco Light Mini Party Lamp LED 3W Effect – http://amzn.to/2iRoHl9 Professional DJ Light RGB Color Change Sound Control Magic Crystal Mini Disco Ball LED Stage Lights For Home Decoration – http://amzn.to/2xEfLTp

  • Roland HandSonic HPD-20 "World tour" featuring Kornél Mogyoró


    HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion Dynamic E-Percussion for Stage and Studio Roland takes digital hand percussion to a new dimension with the HandSonic HPD-20, a unique and versatile instrument that's ideal for a wide range of music creators, from percussionists and drummers to electronic dance music performers, composers, and producers. Equipped with the renowned SuperNATURAL sound engine and potent multi-effects, the HPD-20 offers 850 dynamic, ready-to-play sounds, plus the ability to import your own custom sounds via USB flash memory. 13 pads provide ultra-sensitive response and flexible control options for playing onboard sounds and external MIDI instruments with an incredible range of expression. The HandSonic pad interface also excels in computer music applications, where it's perfect for playing virtual instruments, recording MIDI and audio performances in DAW software, and much more. And with its convenient trigger inputs, you can easily expand the HPD-20 with a Roland pad and hi-hat controller to build a super-compact percussion set. - Powerful hand percussion instrument for live performance and studio music production - 850 ready-to-play sounds include percussion from around the world, melodic instruments, drums, tones for modern electronica beats, and more - Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine delivers unparalleled tone quality and expressiveness - Import up to 500 of your own WAV sounds via USB flash memory and assign them to pads - Deep editing capability allows you to tweak and layer instruments and process tones with three independent multi-effects engines, ambience, and EQ - 13 silicone rubber pads provide ultra-sensitive velocity response and a comfortable feel - Dynamic pad assignments let you dampen, mute, and tune sounds for authentic performance of acoustic hand percussion like congas and tabla - Roll button and Realtime Modify knob; D-BEAM for controlling sounds and effects with hand movements - Easily capture performances and ideas with the Quick Rec function and export them as WAV audio files to USB flash memory - Inputs for connecting a Roland pad and hi-hat controller (sold separately) - USB Computer port for audio/MIDI communication with popular music software, including DAWs and standalone virtual instruments

  • Beyerdynamic DT 911 headphones SPL dB sound test + quick review


    Beyerdynamic DT 911 studio headphones – High-Performance over-ear headphones sound music quality bass SPL dB test + quick my review with first look. These are very old Beyerdynamic DT 911 headphones. Very good alternatives from Beyerdynamic company headphones: beyerdynamic dt 770, beyerdynamic dt 880 or beyerdynamic dt 990. A quality headphone from the 90′s. Some information from google: Beyerdynamic has been making headphones and microphones for a long, long time, and the company’s dedication to headphone research and engineering has made it a world leader in the field. Their line of non- wireless headphones is topped off by the DT 911 and DT 911 Special; the latter is a DT 911 packed in a light weight road-case with a two-disc demo CD, Dynamic Sound Power Test. The CDs’ short tracks include the sounds of various percussion instruments, from large bass drums all the way to tinkling bells. Other tracks include organ, brass band, and voice recordings as well as a section devoted to the sounds of high- performance cars and motorcycles. I think that the extra $50 for the Special version is a super value.Specification of Beyerdynamic DT 911:- Transducer Design: Dynamic. - Coupling to the Ear: Circumaural. - Diffuse-Field Equalization: Not specified. - Sensitivity: 98 dB for 10 mW. - Maximum Output: 115 dB for 50 mW. - Impedance: 250 ohms. - Price: $349.95; with hard case and two-CD demo album, $399.95. [1993 price]Instagram: https://[-] Hазвание видео RU: Стереонаушники – Наушники -Студийные наушники Beyerdynamic DT 911 Тест наушников Звук качество музыки бас SPL дБ тест + быстрая мой Обзор[-] Video nosaukums LV: Stereo austiņu Beyerdynamic DT 911 pirmais izskats, skaņas kvalitātes un mūzikas bass dB SPL skaļuma tests—————— (0) DIY guides: https://?v=MB0njxQm2fM&list=PLwiSkdgFgik7CvkMgw6pm4vm8iW2pZPYt(0) Headphones dB/SPL sound tests: https://?v=_rtax-9KXoE&list=PLwiSkdgFgik6nqlkYgtxoyUo2SdCKgOgI(0) Tests and some entertainments: https://?v=XbECmby8cug&list=PLwiSkdgFgik5vqneZAB0uaNMtYqd3_xLx(0) Unboxings: https://?v=O9AIEE8Pr8c&list=PLwiSkdgFgik4Ecs876nyqL50ruIW61VXp ——————– My Production Equipment gear: - Canon 70d DSLR with Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens + 16gb SD card - Velbon Sherpa 200R photo tripod + Kingjoy VT-3510 Video Fluid Head - Stereo sound recorder Zoom H1 & Audio Technica AT2020 usb plus, Behringer B-1 XLR & DIY Binaural recording Dummy head - 2x light tripod & Lighting umbrellas + 4x CFL Bulb Studio Lights 5500K (2x45w +2x115w) - CN-160 Dimmable LED video lighting - Cheap Konig aluminium tripod, I use it for Zoom H1 recorder, binaural head, dB SPL meter or LED light - Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K321 headphones with Creative E-MU 0404 USB Audio interface (DAC/sound card/amp) - PC: i5 3470, 8gb RAM, 90gb SSD + 1Tb HDD + LG 23″ IPS monitor and wireless Logitech keyboard with mouse. - Sony Vegas 13 video editing softwareSong: ” Parasail Silent Partner ” (Downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library)

  • Ahead Armor Ogio Hardware Case / Drum Sled Review


    Please visit my new channel!!!https://~-~~-~~~-~~-~-http://makedrums.com/go/bestdrumlessons – Learn how to play the drums! You can try to find a good deal on one of these at http:// This is the large Ahead Armor drum sled/hardware case. I love it. It’s heavy, but it holds EVERYTHING! (All my hardware, my drum tool box, misc percussion, and my drum rug. I got mine for $250 at Jeff Ryder’s Drum Shop. You probably can’t find a better deal than that, but amazon has it for a few dollars more.

  • Let The Wind Carry Me


    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music GroupLet The Wind Carry Me · Joni MitchellFor The Roses℗ 1972 Asylum RecordsBand Member: Tom Scott Bass Guitar: Wilton Felder Drums: Russ Kunkel Harmonica: Graham nash Percussion: Bobbye Hall Producer, Vocals: Joni Mitchell Composer, Lyricist: Joni Mitchell String Arranger: Bobby NotkoffAuto-generated by YouTube.

  • Alice Coltrane – Astral Meditations ( Full Album )


    1 Lovely Sky Boat – 6:56 Bass – Jimmy Garrison Drums – Rashied Ali Harp – Alice Coltrane2 I Want To See You – 6:47 Bass – Jimmy Garrison Drums – Rashied Ali Piano – Alice Coltrane3 Galaxy In Turiya – 9:54 Bass – Reggie Workman Drums – Ben Riley Piano, Organ, Harp, Tambura [Tamboura], Percussion, Arranged By – Alice Coltrane Saxophone, Percussion – Frank Lowe Strings – Alan Shulman, Arthur Aaron, Avron Coleman, Edward Green*, Harry Glickman, Henry Aaron, Irving Spice, Janet Hill, Joan Kalisch, Julien Barber, LeRoy Jenkins, Ronald Lipscomb, Seymour Miroff*, Thomas Nickerson, William Stone Timpani – Elayne Jones4 Blue Nile – 7:05 Bass – Ron Carter Drums – Elvin Jones Piano, Harp – Alice Coltrane Tenor Saxophone, Flute [Alto Flute] – Pharoah Sanders5 Universal Consciousness – 5:34 Bass – Jimmy Garrison Drums – Jack DeJohnette Organ, Harp, Arranged By [Strings] – Alice Coltrane Violin – John Kalisch*, John Blair, Julius Brand, Leroy Jenkins6 Battle At Armageddon – 7:23 Drums – Rashied Ali Organ, Harp – Alice Coltrane7 A Love Supreme – 10:07 Bass – Reggie Workman Drums – Ben Riley Piano, Organ, Harp, Tambura [Tamboura], Percussion, Arranged By – Alice Coltrane Saxophone, Percussion – Frank Lowe Strings – Alan Shulman, Arthur Aaron, Avron Coleman, Edward Green*, Harry Glickman, Henry Aaron, Irving Spice, Janet Hill, Joan Kalisch, Julien Barber, LeRoy Jenkins, Ronald Lipscomb, Seymour Miroff*, Thomas Nickerson, William Stone Timpani – Elayne Jones Violin [Solo] – LeRoy Jenkins Voice [Narration] – Swami Satchidananda8 Journey In Satchidananda – 6:39 Bass – Cecil McBee Bells, Tambourine – Majid Shabazz Drums – Rashied Ali Harp, Piano – Alice Coltrane Soprano Saxophone, Percussion – Pharoah Sanders Tambura [Tamboura] – Tulsi9 Galaxy Around Oldumare – 4:20 Bass – Reggie Workman Drums – Ben Riley Piano, Organ, Harp, Tambura [Tamboura], Percussion – Alice Coltrane Saxophone, Percussion – Frank Lowe Strings – Alan Shulman, Arthur Aaron, Avron Coleman, Edward Green*, Harry Glickman, Henry Aaron, Irving Spice, Janet Hill, Joan Kalisch, Julien Barber, LeRoy Jenkins, Ronald Lipscomb, Seymour Miroff*, Thomas Nickerson, William Stone Timpani – Elayne Jones10 Peace On Earth – 8:35 Bass – Charlie Haden, Jimmy Garrison Drums – Rashied Ali Percussion, Strings – Ray Appleton Piano, Organ, Harp, Vibraphone [Vibes] – Alice Coltrane Tenor Saxophone – John Coltrane Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute – Pharoah Sanders11 The Sun – 4:05 Bass – Jimmy Garrison Drums – Ben Riley Piano – Alice Coltrane Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Pharoah Sanders Vocals [Invocation] – John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders ………………………………………………………… Recorded – June 6, 1968 – November 16, 1971 ………………………………………………………… Why search for your favorite music in my channel? Because i’m always trying to name the musicians, place and date of the recordings! …………………………………………………… Please let me know if i have missed something. …………………………………………………… Make it easy on yourself.. check my playlists, or search my channel for your favorite artist/song….. …………………………………………………… Subscribe yourself to the channel to keep up with the latest uploads …………………………………………………… Have Fun!! ………………………………………………….. I Will remove any video if asked too. ………………………………………………….. And most of all !!! ………………………………………………….. I hope that , trough these video’s, i have inspired you to go and get the original recordings because there is nothing like the original!! So that’s what i’m doing it for….. Go to your local recordstore, the internet or whatever, and get the original!! ………………………………………………….. Enjoy !!! …………………………………………………… FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: I do not own copyright for this copyrighted artwork, but under Section 107 United States Copyright Law as noted by the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Act 1976), allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I state here in a good faith that I have made and uploaded here this copy of this copyrighted artwork completely for the purposes of teaching and research, that my action – i.e. my production of the copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here on Youtube in this particular case – is totally non-profit, and that I believe that my production of this copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here in Youtube in this particular case can only increase value of this copyrighted artwork and produce only positive effects for this copyrighted artwork in its potential market.

  • Let Me In


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North AmericaLet Me In · Zak MorganThe Barber Of The Beasts℗ ℗ 2012 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.Released on: 2012-01-01Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Mixer, Recording Engineer: Ric Hordinski Piano, Vocalist: Zak Morgan Background Vocalist: Andrea Summer Organ, Piano: Steve Schmidt Acoustic Guitar: Danny Nader Bass: David Labruyere Percussion: Chris Glen Percussion: Dan Dorff Drums: Josh Seurkamp Engineer: Kevin Bole Mastering Engineer: Pete Doell Author, Composer: Zak MorganAuto-generated by YouTube.

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